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Pretty Hurts

Plucked eyebrows. Waxed vaginas. Shaved legs. Face masks. Lip scrubs. Injections. Braids. Sew-ins and the list goes on. All the things we do to be "pretty". It's more than just "number 1 on the BEYONCE album" (how fitting being today is 9/4) but anyway, my point is pretty fucking hurts. As ladies, we all want to be pretty, feel pretty. Some of us even "act pretty" but what do we go through on a daily basis to do so? Do you throw on some lip gloss and go or do you beat your face "to the gawds" everyday? The bigger question is why? To feel good, to impress a man, to shit on other females (true story). I think "Happy girls are the prettiest" is one of the truest statements ever. It starts from the inside.

Me personally, 9 times out of ten if you run into me in public, my hair will be in a bun and the most makeup i MIGHT have on will be my brows filled in (because those bitches are disorderly) and some lip gloss. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup. Love the way I look in it but if I'm going to be completely honest, I hate the way it feels on me. And having to constantly be aware of my face touching things, not rubbing my eyes, hell even blowing my nose. Also I have an 8 month old and let's just be real, a beat face everyday ain't happening. I literally have to steal moments to sleep right now so naw. It's too much. It "hurts". I do find other ways to pamper myself and "feel pretty" and keep my femininity. I keep my nails and toes done if nothing else. So for ME, manicured hands and feet, filled in brows and a neat (or sloppy) bun does it. I'm at a place in my life where I have learned not to let what someone else says or think define my happiness. Recently a friend of mine had her hair a certain way and I hated it but she didnt give a fuck (I taught her that :-)) She rocked it and owned it and it made her happy and she looked damn good doing it. My bun and leggings might get me whispered about but guess what? I feel pretty and I'm happy. More importantly, I clean up well when I need to.

The bottom line is, do what makes YOU feel pretty and do it FOR you and not anyone else. If you wanna wear a full face of makeup everyday and you work at Wendy's, BEAT THAT SHIT and serve face to me when I'm ordering my junior bacon cheeseburger (on my cheat day of course) in the drive through. Let your brows go bananas if you feel like it. Shave your legs or not. Whether you are fat or skinny, tall or short, curvy or curveless, girly or tom boy, black or white, BE pretty. Be comfortable. Be happy. The pics are "everyday Pharrah" and "dabbed up Pharrah". Until next time....

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