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Pharrah J(Jackson), an Atlanta native has never been camera shy. At an early age she took an interest in fashion and modeling but was always intrigued by the other side of the camera. Her parents took notice and she received her first camera, a Polaroid, for her tenth birthday. Always seen either posing or with a camera in hand, Pharrah served on the yearbook staff in both middle and high school.


Pharrah attended Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) and during these years, more time and effort was placed in trying to start a modeling career, however the love for photography never left.

April 2014, Pharrah J Photography LLC went from a dream to a reality. Owned and operated by Pharrah, her company specializes in weddings and lifestyle 

photography. In 2015, business really took off as clientele is steadily growing. Pharrah plans to expand her brand and open a studio space.

"I am Pharrah J. Just a girl with a dream...the girl behind the camera."

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