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Meet the real Pharrah J

Sooo, I have literally been wanting to start a blog for years now (yes I said years). The thing is, I come up with all these great, dope ideas and things I want to do and then....nothing. Starting my photography company and keeping it running is one of my greatest accomplishments and I must say that I am very proud of myself. Pharrah J Photography is my baby. BUT...there is so much more to me than that and I want to use this outlet, this blog, The Girl Behind the Camera to be more transparent and let people get to know me. Something I have never done before.

First off, my real name is Pharrah (you wouldn't believe how many people ask me that) and the J is for Jackson, my maiden name (yes, I'm married). I'm from Atlanta. I currently live in City of Decatur (not to be confused with regular ass Decatur). I have 2 kids, a 9 year old son Blake, and an 8 month old daughter, Lailah. I believe in God. Strongly. I am a Libra. I curse. A lot. Like a sailor. I am very opinionated but tend to keep a lot of things to myself. I have crazy mood swings. I get pissed off easily but can also recover easily. I'm all over the place really. My self confidence is through the roof (usually) but other days, I can't find it. I have insecurities like a mf. I mean, I know that sounds contradicting in a way but this is me dammit. I'll take 47 selfies and post 1 and find something wrong with it and delete it or I might take 3 and post all 3. Just depends on the mood. I'm still learning not to compare myself to others. That shit is hard sometimes, especially with social media. I love social media but its a bitch sometimes too. I won't get into that right now though. I wanted to give a quick little introduction for now. I am going to make it a priority to write something every day. For real for real. Today's photo is a selfie from Snapchat/Instagram and you will deal.

Until next time :-)

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